Supporting meaningful change through transparent reporting and insights

To understand the impact of housing and food insecurity on academic success and student well-being, the university has initiated systemwide basic needs research and data collection. Results from these efforts continue to affirm the magnitude of existing issues for students and demonstrate the need for ongoing research efforts.

Data and Research

Data, research and evaluation are foundational to our efforts in improving basic needs security at UC. By proactively reporting our findings, we improve transparency within our community, while contributing actionable insights to address the full scope of students' basic needs.

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Professional Development

The university continues to provide opportunities to expand knowledge among its leadership, staff, researchers and basic needs advocates through learning series, workshops and more.

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During COVID-19, my country's border closed and I was unable to return home. Along with this, I had no housing for the summer session. This is when I contacted the Basic Needs Center. They responded quickly and were so helpful in ensuring that I had a place to stay no matter what and for however long I needed.
Jenea Spinks, UC Berkeley


UC is working toward one of the largest anti-poverty and economic justice efforts in its history: to cut the number of its students experiencing basic needs insecurity in half by 2025.

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