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From survey data to studies and reports, UC's data and research efforts provide greater transparency and awareness around University operations and the experiences of UC students. Data collection, survey data, research initiatives and reporting all serve as valuable resources to help identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within the UC system.

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Student Basic Needs Dashboard

The Student Basic Needs Dashboard is the product of the university's Global Food Initiative (GFI), which sought to better understand food security among UC students. The dashboard provides information on basic needs and illustrates the relationship between food insecurity and/or homelessness on student learning, engagement, satisfaction and outcomes. Data are from the 2016, 2018 and 2020 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) and the 2016 Graduate Student Well-Being Survey (GSWBS).

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Student Services Dashboard

The UC Office of the President now requires campus basic needs centers to report annual data about their services, including the number of students served by food and housing services each year. The Student Services Dashboard is currently under development and will be shared on this website when public.


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UC Basic Needs 2022–23 Survey Results
Long version (PDF)  |  Printable Version (PDF)

UC Systemwide 2018–19 Pantry Survey
Long version (PDF)

UC Systemwide Graduate Students' Basic Needs During COVID-19 Survey: Effects on Academic Life
Long version (PDF) | Printable version (PDF)

UC Systemwide Graduate Students' Basic Needs During COVID-19 Survey: Effects on Basic Needs
Long version (PDF) | Printable version (PDF)


Housing Insecurity Fact Sheet

Graduate Student Food Security Fact Sheet (PDF)

The University of California's Next Phase of Improving Student Basic Needs (PDF)
Regents of the University of California Special Committee on Basic Needs, November 2020

UC Accountability Report

UC Basic Needs Legislative Report (PDF)
July–December 2020

UC Basic Needs Legislative Report (PDF)
June 2019–20

UC Hunger Free Campus Report (PDF)
June 2018–19

Guidance Memos

Assembly Bill 2881: Public Postsecondary Education Implementation Guidance for Students with Dependent Children (PDF)
July 12, 2023

Letter from President Drake: CalFresh Allocations (PDF)
April 12, 2021

Letter from President Drake: Basic Needs Innovation Grant Funding (PDF)
January 8, 2021


UC Recipe Booklet: Low-cost & minimal prep recipes for UC students. 

Global Food Initiative 2020 report image

UC Basic Needs by the numbers

Students served by campus basic needs centers in 2019–20.

Staff and students (undergraduate and graduate) who supported campus basic needs efforts in 2019–20.


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